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Three new faces on SVGNOC executive

Three new faces on SVGNOC executive


Three new faces have been installed as members St Vincent and the Grenadines National Olympic Committee (SVGNOC) executive committee for the next quadrennial, 2017 to 2021.

Entering for the parent body are Suzanne Ollivierre, James Bentick and Vanburn Harry.

The trio was elected last Thursday, when the SVGNOC held its General Meeting at the Xpert Computer Centre’s conference room.

Ollivierre, president of the SVG Volleyball Association, comes in as the new assistant secretary-treasurer, replacing Shaun Young, while Bentick, president of the SVG Squash Association and Harry, president of the SVG Taekwondo Association, take the places of Stephen Joachim and Earl Bennett, as the two trustees.

In gaining her post, Ollivierre defeated the SVG Rugby Union president Sophie Goddard 9-6, with Bentick and Harry attaining more votes than LaPrise Harris-Williams, Devron Poyer and Earl Bennett, in the run-off for the two trustee spots.

The three new faces join the durable quartet of Trevor Bailey, Wayne Williams, Keith Joseph and Jacintha Ballantyne.

Bailey, president of the SVG Cycling Union, who has been in the position for the past 20 years, is adding another four years to his tenure.

Bailey beat former trustee and president of the SVG Swimming Federation Stephen Joachim, 10-7, although the latter had launched a scathing attack on Bailey, minutes before the elections took place last Thursday.

Also returned was Wayne Williams, who is still the SVGNOC vice-president. Williams defeated Vanburn Harry 10-7. Williams, who is the president of the SVG Basketball Federation, has counted many years as part of the SVGNOC executive.

Meanwhile, Keith Joseph, a holder of the general secretary’s post for the past 18 years, got past Stephen Joachim 9-7, to remain firm in that portfolio.

Joseph, who is also the president of Team Athletics SVG, came in for a barrage of criticism from Joachim, who attempted to discredit his performance as general secretary of the SVGNOC over the past years.

But Joachim’s vilification was to no avail, as Joseph was given the nod of confidence by the majority of affiliates.

And, Jacintha Ballantyne had no opponent, as she remained as the SVGNOC’s treasurer for another four years, a post she has been holding down for many years. Ballantyne is also treasurer of Team Athletics SVG.

Last Thursday’s elections were held following a 9-6 vote, after a motion was carried. Originally, there was a proposal to have the elections on November 7.

This was reflected on the agenda, as there was no election listed.

The General Meeting, attended by all 17 affiliates of the SVGOC, also heard the president’s address, the executive report, along with the treasurer’s report and financials.