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NLA SVG Independence International Masters Cricket Festival bowls off

NLA SVG Independence International Masters Cricket Festival bowls off


For the first time, come this Independence weekend, there will be the NLA SVG Independence International Masters Cricket Festival.

Chair for the Masters Cricket Festival Nelson Hillocks, during a press conference last Thursday, explained that the tournament will have various teams from across the region participating and that it was introduced to provide persons with more options of local activities and events.

Hillocks said, “In this year, the first year, we are going to have ten teams participating in the NLA SVG Independence International Masters Cricket Festival.”

Teams participating will come from New York, Grenada, three teams from Trinidad, of which one has 10 former national players, Mustique Company and the remainder from St Vincent and the Grenadines, including the Police Masters.

Hillocks continued, “Canada had two teams to come, but at the last minute they couldn’t come.”

Minister of Sports and Culture Cecil Mckie explained that the focus was on getting regional and international teams to participate and so, only a few of the 16 local teams were accepted to participate.

Minister Mckie further said, “We are working very closely with different stakeholders. The organizing committee of this tournament has a pretty wide spread and all aspects are being coordinated by a subcommittee and therefore we want to ensure that all things are organized in a professional way… We have partnered with the Cricket Association, because I know you have already made the point that the availability of scores and statistics are very important for persons in the media who want to report on these events… we’ll have the Sports Department assisting us with providing that data… we are ensuring we get this competition right from the beginning.”

The cricket tournament begins today, October 26, and will continue tomorrow, Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28, at two venues, simultaneously – Cumberland Playing Field and Park Hill Playing Field. On Sunday, October 29, in the morning, four teams will compete in the semi-finals at Sion Hill Playing Field and Arnos Vale 1 Playing Field. In the afternoon from 2, the grand finals will be held.

The Sports and Culture Minister declared that the events will be enjoyable.

“There will be a welcome cocktail. During the four days, there will be fetes…the idea is not to have them here, but to have them come back,” Minister Mckie said.

The winner of the grand final will receive US $3,500 and the loser of the grand final match will receive US$2,000. The two other teams from the semi-finals will each receive US $500.

Chair of the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) Murray Bullock said that the NLA has provided EC$50,000 in cash and also branded balls, advertisements, tents and chairs toward the contribution to the new Independence Masters Cricket Festival.

Bullock continued, “One of the main objectives of this tournament is for people to come to this country, enjoy our hospitality and leave a bundle of cash when they go. I want to thank our many customers in their unwavering support to the National Lotteries. We appreciate their business, appreciate their commitment and we will strive even harder to provide the kind of products and services that they like to enjoy.”