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Marriaqua Football Association elects executive

Marriaqua Football  Association elects executive


The Marriaqua Football Association has an elected executive in place to run the affairs of the organization.

Heading the association is president Yosiah Dascent.

Second in command to Dascent is Orando Browne, with Wanda Dascent, secretary.

Holding the post of treasurer is Juliet Francis, with Romando Browne the games secretary, while Zidonis Homer is assistant games secretary.

Kentea Williams is the association’s public relations officer and Shemayah Dascent, assistant public relations officer.

Elected by 10 of the 13 affiliate units last Monday, the immediate task of the new executive is to plan a football competition.

A knockout competition is set to begin at the Cane End Playing Field on November 19, and will be open only to village teams within the Marriaqua community.

Ten teams are the ceiling number that the organizers are aiming to suffice the competition.

Matches in the knock-out competition will only be played on Saturdays and Sundays.