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‘Bring your balls and come’ launched

‘Bring your balls and come’ launched


An undertaking aimed at giving youths in several communities less time for crime was launched last Saturday at the Calliaqua Playing Field.

Labelled as “Bring your balls and come”, the idea is to use sports as an alternative to crime.

The brainchild of attorney Grant Connell, the engagement of youths at the playing fields in football, encouraged policymakers and politicians to contribute to the cause.

According to Connell, “I would provide 10 footballs and in this case, the parliamentary representative for East St George, Camillo Gonsalves, doubled and came up with 20 footballs, and with the coaching input of Maxwell Bennett, made the Calliaqua Playing Field a hive of activity despite the rain.

“It was a pleasant sight to see former Commissioner of Police Michael Charles and present Deputy of Commissioner of Police Colin John interact with the youths,” he added.

Connell said that it will not be a one-off situation, as ways and means must be found to have Bennett, a past national player, continue with the youngsters of the area every Saturday.

“We have to find a way of having these past national players give back to the nation and fill the playing fields,” Connell proposed.

“The same way Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, in his creative wisdom some years ago, initiated the Pan Against Crime programme, a Sports against Crime can complement that,” Connell advised.

Following last Saturday’s success, thanks in part to the contribution of Camillo Gonsalves, Facey Trading, Be Fit Movement, Third Element Sounds, Roger Adams, Jankie Glass, Michael Charles, Colin John and Maxwell Bennett, the ‘Bring your ball and come’ train will make a stop at the Sharpes Playing Field in Central Kingstown this Saturday, as the movement is spread.

Connell stated that Central Kingstown’s parliamentary representative St Clair Leacock has endorsed the venture with his contribution of balls.