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North Leeward take first futsal tournament

North Leeward take first futsal tournament


North Leeward inked the first ever national futsal title, when that unit defeated the much fancied Layou, last Sunday night at the Bishop’s College hard court in Paul’s Avenue.

A score line of 7-3 in favour of North Leeward was unexpected, as Layou sported a well-known crop of present and past national players.

For winning the inaugural title, North Leeward gained a trophy and a cash prize of $ 3,000, while Layou had to settle for the second place trophy and $2,000.

Philron Lavia was named Player of the Final, and was justly rewarded with a trophy.

Sion Hill, who lost out to Layou in sudden death kicks from the penalty spot in the semi-finals, after the two fancied teams had played to a 4-4 draw after 30 minutes of regulation time and another 10 minutes of extra time, finished third.

Sion Hill’s third place came compliments a 5-0 thumping of East Kingstown in the play-off for the consolation places.

East Kingstown was beaten by eventual champions North Leeward 5-3 in the other semi-final.

Championing the futsal tournament added another national sporting title to the North Leeward community.

 It follows North Leeward Predators take of the First Division of the National Football Club Championships and National Lotteries Authority First Division Cricket title, won by Providence Electronic Solutions North Leeward.

Futsal is a variation of football, played between two teams of five players each, one of whom is a goalkeeper in a hockey-sized goal.

Futsal is mainly played on indoor surfaces, using a size four ball that has reduced bounce.

It is played for a duration of 40 minutes (20 minutes per half), with stoppages and time-outs similar to basketball.

Tweaking of some of the rules are sometimes employed by organizers of futsal tournaments.