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GTC holds Tennis Marathon for Hurricane Irma victims

GTC holds Tennis Marathon for Hurricane Irma victims


The Grassroot Tennis Club (GTC) will tomorrow, Saturday, host a 12-hour Tennis Marathon at the Grand View Racquet Club, in aid of victims in the northern English-speaking Caribbean, who were ravaged by Hurricane Irma last week.

Among the islands hardest hit were Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands, French and Dutch St Martin and Anguilla.  

The tennis marathon runs from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., with one of the GTC coaches Grant Connell and Trevor Sam being on the court for that period.

“We are trying to raise $10 000 from the event, which also includes barbecue at a minimal cost of $20,” Connell explained.

The sponsors (individuals or companies) of the hour will play against either Connell or Sam, or get a crash course in tennis, or can delegate one of the GTC players to represent them in a competitive match.

Up to last Wednesday, the first hour was taken by the Boom, with BE Fit Movement securing the second; Coreas Inc, the 10th hour and Stephen Joachim, the 11th.

Connell said that he is confident that many individuals and corporate entities will throw their support behind the venture for the worthy cause.

“Hopefully, when we get to that target, we are going to use the funds to purchase cement and water especially and get them shipped off to the northern Caribbean,” Connell explained.

“We have to show the power of sports and be our brothers’ keepers… They are flattened, but we are up and running… Today is for them, tomorrow could be us,” Connell reasoned.

Connell, therefore, called on other sporting bodies to follow suit and help their brothers and sisters who are in dire need.

Connell noted tomorrow’s event is the start of the resurgence of the GTC programme.

He revealed that a men’s doubles competition is slated for the end of September, with the annual Tennis For Hope event carded for next month.