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Top swimmers emerge at FLOW Invitational Championships

Top swimmers emerge at FLOW Invitational Championships


The top swimmers – the individual age group winners, as well as the sprint champions, all emerged at the 2017 FLOW Invitational Swim Championships, which were held last weekend at the Shrewsbury Aquatic Centre.

Double winners were Zariel Nelson, Chaddin Sandiford, Shne Joachim and Marquis Nelson.

Zariel Nelson of local swim club Blue Marlins, took the Girls 7 to 8 age group, and was crowned the 8 and Under sprint champion.

Meanwhile, Sandiford of the Pirates Swim Club of Barbados copped the Boys 7 to 8 and the Under-8 sprint title.

Likewise, Joachim of the Black Sand Swim Squad swam away with the Girls 15 and Over title and was the 13 and Over sprint champion.

And, Marquis Nelson of Trinidad and Tobago, after copping the 1 to 12 Boys age group, went on to title the 9 to 12 sprint champion.

Taking the Boys 6 and Under was Tyler Robinson of Blue Marlins, with the Black Sand  Swim Squad dominating the other age groups.  Elonte Leonard, the 9 to 10 winner; Alex Joachim (13 to 14); and Shane Cadogan, the 15 and Over.

The other girls’ age group winners, all came from the Black Sand Swim Squad. Eltonique Leonard won the Under-6; Caitlin Polius, the 9 to 10; Mya De Freitas, the 11 to 12; and Ria Adams, the 13 to 14.

Completing the sprint champions were Akayla Crichton of Black Sand Swim Squad, the Girls 9 to 12 winner and Joshua Liendo of Canada, the 13 and Over winner.

Local clubs Black Sands Swim Squad Blue Marlins, Rising Stars and Mc T Saltpond Snappers got regional competition from Pirates Swim Club and Silverfins of Barbados; Grenada’s Grenfins, along with individual competitors from Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia and Canada.

The Black Sands Swim Squad, with the largest contingent of swimmers, was again the overall winners.