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FLOW joins SVGTA in hosting 2017 ITF tournament


The St Vincent and the Grenadines Tennis Association (SVGTA) has this year received the cooperation of FLOW in hosting their international tennis tournament, held at the National Tennis Centre in Villa.

President of the SVGTA Brian Nash told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that this year, the telecommunications company got on board and helped with the SVGTA National Lotteries Authority (NLA) International Tennis Federation (ITF) Junior Tournament.

The tournament began on Monday, August 14 and ended Saturday, August 19.

The tournament attracted to these shores 120 junior players from 35 countries, as far as India, Japan, Ecuador and Panama.

Nash said that FLOW provided several support services, including among other things, free wi-fi, tents, chairs, umbrellas and other needed paraphernalia.

“We hope that it is the planting of a seed that we can build on and do something greater in the following years,” said Nash, who noted that he has held discussions with FLOW concerning future involvement.

Nash also said that the tournament, which is celebrating its 10th year, went well and had seen keen

competition from the participants.

The SVGTA is also looking at expanding the National Tennis Centre by adding two more courts.

“We are doing this expansion of the facility, because we want to expand the tournament, as we see it as an important aspect of tourism, as the visitors and athletes that come here fill hotel rooms,” said Nash.  

Assistance also came from Coca Cola and Powerade, among others.