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Zefal Bailey docks second in Antigua cycling race

Zefal Bailey docks second in Antigua cycling race


Zefal Bailey placed second in the third of the three-stage Subway road races, which took place in Antigua and Barbuda.

 Bailey’s time in the 32-mile event was 1 hour 43 minutes 11.99 seconds.

 Another Vincentian, Enroy Lewis, placed fifth in 1 hour 43 minutes 27.21 seconds.

 The first and second stages took place on Saturday, with a time trial and a 40-mile circuit race.

 Bailey was fifth in the time trial and fourth in the circuit race, while Lewis was sixth in the time trial and the circuit race.  

 In the time trial, Bailey clocked 13 minutes 38.10 seconds and in the circuit race, he clocked 1 hour 58 minutes 56.46 seconds.

  Lewis’ time in the time trial was 17 minutes 01.84 seconds and 2 hours 1 minute 56.46 seconds in the circuit race. Lewis, who experienced some tyre problems in the time trial, was rewarded with a trophy for completing the event.

 Veteran Antiguan cyclist Robert Marsh trumped in the three stages.