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Prospects seek football’s D licence certification

Prospects seek football’s D licence certification


Another batch of prospective football coaches were engaged in a five-day coaching course, aimed at gaining a CONCACAF D licence.

Put on by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF), in conjunction with CONCACAF and FIFA, the course had in attendance mainly active footballers, persons closely associated with football and persons new to the sport.

Facilitators of the course were FIFA instructors Lenny Lake of St Kitts and Vin Blaine of Jamaica.

Held at the SVGFF’s office and at the Victoria Park, among the topics taught were, “How to deal with different age groups”; “Functions of a youth coach; and “Functions of being a good coach”.

Rasheed Huggins, one of the course’s participants, was delighted at getting the opportunity to “learn a lot about football”.

Huggins revealed that football is not really his forte, but the knowledge gained from the course will aid him in his all-round development.

Meanwhile, Deshawn Kydd, another of the prospective licensed coaches said:

 “As a player, the course has served me really well, as things that I never knew …I came into this course with an open mind, like a parachute,” Kydd told SEARCHLIGHT.

“I am not pursuing to be a coach, because I am a player right now… the course made me think that in the future I could become a coach,” Kydd reasoned.

This last cohort of persons seeking the D licence follows a similar certification course held as recently as last March, then facilitated by Lake and Marco Antonio Santillan.

The SVGFF, in the last two years, has been able to procure four D licence courses.

CONCACAF, in 2013, launched the D licence coaching course, which was done in an effort to reinforce the governing body’s vision and commitment to education and to raise the standard of the game throughout the region.