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Student cohort completes CCCP’s first stage

Student cohort completes CCCP’s first stage


Thirty–two students from the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College and 14 from Sandy Bay have completed the Caribbean Coaching Certificate Programme (CCCP).

In an introduction to coaching, the participants, who were instructed by Woodrow Williams and Chester Morgan, were schooled in topics such as the Long Term Athlete Development Model, Energy Systems, Communication, Training and Nutrition.

The participants were also required to provide a booklet on the topics taught.

Having completed the CCCP, it paves the way for the recipients to pursue Level One certification in their respective disciplines.

Next in line to be exposed to the CCCP are members of the Department of Physical Education and Sports, on August 2 and 3, with August 9 and 10 set aside for Layou, and another for participants in Bequia, at a date to be decided.

The CCCP was introduced by the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) in 1998.

Since its introduction, the CCCP has been accepted by several regional territories as mandatory before attempting Level One coaching certification.