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X-Ceed Sports Club stages vacation athletics programme

X-Ceed Sports Club stages vacation athletics programme


The X-Ceed Sports Club began the sixth hosting of its vacation athletics programme, last Tuesday.

The first part of this year’s opening took the form of a personal development session, in which participants were briefed on effective communication skills, as well as how to deal with the media.

This session, conducted by Keith Joseph, president of Team Athletics SVG, took place at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School.

Joseph, in his presentation, urged the participants to read more and acquire knowledge about the sporting discipline which they practice.

Joseph, in imploring them, advised: “Go to the library, borrow books on the sport … Use your computers and find out about the sport… Use your computers to get you better educated… See how people ask other people questions and how they respond and know that the best interviews are those where people take their time to listen to what is being asked.”

His plea will be translated into a tangible award, as a prize will be allocated to the participant who makes the best presentation of a sports personality whom they research.

And, one young participant of the programme, J’aivar Cato said that his attendance at the programme is for him to build up his speed and “learn more about sports”.

The programme will be held two days per week (Tuesday and Thursday), from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and runs until August 22.

During the 11 days of the programme, participants will be taught or refreshed in the jumps, throws, sprint drills, basic hurdling, strength development, as well as the use of the starting blocks.

Head coach of the X- Ceed Sports Club Godfrey Harry has indicated that progamme which the organization is undertaking “is not restricted to members of X-Ceed only.”

Harry disclosed that he, along with coaches Khalil Cato, Ronique Dowers, Ozarie Williams and Javed Marksman, will carry out the programme.

Harry noted that resource personnel will, from time to time, be drafted to conduct sessions of personal hygiene and other pertinent health topics.

He revealed that a mini competition will be held at the end of the programme.