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Increased pay-out for NACAC Chatoyer International Endurance 10K


When Team Athletics St Vincent and the Grenadines (TASVG) hosts the 2017 edition of the NACAC Chatoyer International Endurance 10K Road Race, on November 12, there will be increased pay-out of prizes.

The winners of the International category (male and female) are in line for US$1,300, up by $300 from the last two years.

Second and third places are still due $700 and $500, respectively. But new are monies for the fourth and fifth places, who will earn US$250 and $100, in that order for their efforts.

Likewise, fourth and fifth places have been added to the Under-20 and 20-and-Over age groups, while a Veterans’ category is new.

Winner of the 20-and-Over earns EC $700, second place, $400, third, $ 300, fourth, $200 and fifth, $100.

Before, it was $600 for first place, $300 for second and $200 for third.

Similarly, in the Under-20, the new winner gets $500, second, $300, both up by $100 and third place, $ 200, up by $50.

The new Veterans category will see the winner pocketing EC$300, second place, $200 and third, $100.

Also the school with the most finishers gets EC$1,000, with the first athlete to cross the half-way mark assured US$100.

The schools’ award replaces the team award, which was in place in 2015 and 2016.

Registration to the race is as follows: International category – overseas athletes US$75 and locals, EC$75, while the Over-20s pay $30, Under-20s pay $25 and Veterans, $20.

International teams can submit completed registration forms at [email protected], or [email protected] Local athletes can register at Olympic House at Kingstown Park.

Winning last year’s International male category was Vincentian Junior Ashton and fellow Vincentian Linda Mc Dowall, the female bracket.

Trumping the male Over-20 was Cyron Lewis and the female Over-20, Sorenya Miller.

Last year, Akani Slater was the winner of the male Under-20 and Tamara Woodley, the female top finisher.

Markie Edwards was the first to the half-way mark.

In 2016, there was participation from athletes from Dominica and St Lucia.

This event has the official sanction of the Association of National Olympic Committees of the OECS (ANOCES) and forms part of that organization’s support for sporting activities in the subregion.

The race starts at Gordon Yard at 3 p.m. and ends at the Chateaubelair Playing Field.

The NACAC Chatoyer International Endurance10K Road Race is being billed as the world’s most challenging road race event.