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Health Ministry to spearhead national physical awareness

Health Ministry to spearhead national physical awareness


The hosting of a Fun Day, recently at the Arnos Vale Two Playing Field, culminated Nutrition Awareness Week, and the event will not be a one-off exercise.

And, as a consequence, the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment will be undertaking to lead the charge to promote physical awareness as a matter of a national mandate.

Making the ambitions known was Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment Luke Browne.

In a brief address, Browne declared: “We want a movement for the entire country, far and wide… Let the message go … Let us take over the schools with a wave of physical activity … Let us take over our schools with nutrition awareness… It is an activity that will bring about a different culture in St Vincent [and the Grenadines]”.

Browne noted that the promised campaign will be pursued based on some statistical evidence.

“When I look at the statistics and I see that in the vicinity of 90 per cent of our children at our secondary schools, are not getting enough physical activity, my heart sinks … If we exercise our responsibilities as a society, that statistic will be much different and we will have a much better country,” the Health Minister proffered.

Speaking directly to those present, Browne urged, “Make a decision today to live a healthier life … Make a decision today to do more physical activity, whether it’s walking, whether it’s running, whether it’s swimming. Make a decision today, as well, to be serious about the foods that you eat and drink … Check your nutritional facts, make sure that it is good for your body, before you consume it”.

Last Saturday’s Fun Day saw several traditional events done and among them were obstacle races, sack races, drunken master, the last man standing burn out, Tug-O- War and others.

Apart from the Fun Day, the week of activities also included a quiz, radio talks, a public speaking competition, and an art competition, among others.

Nutrition Awareness Week was held under the theme: Healthy eating, active living; play your part, be sugar smart.