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SVG gets first certified PKF Continental judge

SVG gets first certified PKF Continental judge


Claude Bascombe Jr, head of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Karate Federation, has joined an elite bunch as a certified Pan American Karate Federation (PKF) Continental judge.

Bascombe accomplished the rank after completing a two-day course May 22 -23, at the Hilton Hotel in Curacao.

As a consequence, Bascombe is certified to instruct Vincentian judges and referees in the requirements and standards of the PKF.

“It is an achievement for me personally and for St Vincent and the Grenadines and this part of the Caribbean… It is important that I now pass on the knowledge to us here, so that when we go out to championships, we know the rules and what is required,” Bascombe posited.

“For me too, it is a great achievement, as others from well-known karate nations have attempted the course, but were unsuccessful,” he added.

Bascombe was thrusted into action immediately, as he was part of the panel of judges at the 31st Pan American Karate Championships, held following the course.

Bascombe admitted, “This was satisfying and worthwhile experience, although I was a bundle of nerves at times”.

Still active in the sport as a competitor, Bascombe led a three-member St Vincent and the Grenadines contingent to the championships, which also included fellow karateka Jerome Burke III and coach Lorraine Williams.

Debuting at the Pan American level, Burke’s efforts did not earn him a place beyond the preliminary phase of the competition.

Bascombe, however, stated that Burke “gained international experience”.

An appreciative Bascombe thanked the St Vincent and the Grenadines Olympic Committee for assisting the trio with the Curacao sojourn.