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SVGFF pushing for AstroTurf facility, home for football

SVGFF pushing for AstroTurf facility, home for football


The St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF), is redoubling its efforts to get an AstroTurf facility, to keep in line with developing trends within the region.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the U-11 and U-15 Divisions of the National Club Championships last Saturday at the Campden Park Playing Field, president of the SVGFF Venold Coombs echoed his organization’s intent.

“I am looking for a piece of land to put an artificial surface to equip you, the youngsters … If we get this field (Campden Park Playing Field), we are going to put an artificial surface and we going to light it,” Coombs reported.

Coombs added that SVGFF plans to “light up as many fields as possible, so, you the youths, can get accustomed to play under lights”.

Coombs said that the SVGFF will be able to make this possible, “because I (have) secured $3 million to develop facilities”.

The SVGFF boss underscored the need to have such a facility, so as to compete with others within the Caribbean, which possess AstroTurf football surfaces.

“You go to Antigua (and Barbuda), they are going to put you on AstroTurf to see if they go (will) beat you … We have to look to the future… We are thinking ahead,” Coombs declared.

The pursuance of an AstroTurf football surface adds to another recent revelation by Coombs, who, at the handing over of the uniforms to the U-11 teams, said the move towards a “home for football”, is being renewed.

“We are looking at getting a home for football … With you all blessing, you will get a home, for It is critical that football get a home,” Coombs told those present at the SVGFF’s conference room.

He disclosed that a parcel of land has already been identified, and according to him, “If that piece of land, if they decide to sell it, we will buy it”.

All playing fields used by the SVGFF to host its competitions are in the hands of the National Sports Council or the National Lotteries Authority.