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Kyle Dougan graduates from ninth edition of ICECP

Kyle Dougan graduates from ninth edition of ICECP


Coach Kyle Dougan has graduated from the International Coaching Enrichment Certification Programme. This is the ninth edition of the ICECP: an intensive coaching education programme developed by the United States Olympic Committee, the University of Delaware and the International Olympic Committee. Dougan was among 30 coaches representing five continents, 30 nations and 15 sports.

As stated in a UANA news article, This programme “aims at assisting national-level coaches in developing proficiency in the areas of sport sciences, talent identification, athlete development, safe sport, coaching education, coaching management and grass-roots sport development. The intended outcome is for ICECP participants to return to their countries and serve as coaches within their respective sports, while becoming foundation builders for future coaches and athletes, and spreading the Olympic spirit.”