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GTC Top 16 tournament serves off at Grandview

GTC Top 16 tournament serves off at Grandview


The Grassroot Tennis Club’s (GTC) Top 16 Tennis Tournament served off yesterday at the Grandview tennis courts at Villa.

The tournament runs until Saturday, when the top player will be known.

Apart from the bragging rights, the top four players are in line for tokens for their efforts.

Some of the match-ups are Kyle De Freitas versus John Davies; Josh Mounsey plays Ronnie Richards, while Yannick Grant faces Akezic Quammie and Antonio Caine faces off with Charles Findlay.

According to Grant Connell of the GTC: “The tournament is being used to energize the sport, which is in crisis both administratively and otherwise.

“ We, at Grassroot, cannot stay idle and see what many have worked hard for, toiling in the vineyard, to be left to ruin,” Connell added.

Connell reiterated that at Saturday’s closing ceremony, a fund-raiser will be staged, with proceeds going to the St Benedict’s Day Nursery in Georgetown.

“…It is a worthy cause, and those persons with a social conscience can contribute to brightening the lives of children who are in need,” he noted.

Connell profusely thanked the sponsors, Lewis Pharmacy, along with CK Greaves and Co; the proprietors of the Grandview facility for assisting in giving tennis a lift as well as the St Benedict’s Day Nursery.