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‘Give of your best at all times’ – Terrance Davis

‘Give of your best at all times’ – Terrance Davis


Featured speaker at last Saturday night’s 2016 National Lotteries Authority National Sports Awards Terrance Davis is urging persons to always give of their best in their endeavours.

Addressing the theme for the ceremony: “Self Belief – A key ingredient to Success”, Davis observed, “One of the greatest gifts that God has afforded us as humans is knowledge. … Knowledge comes when you use it positively. … Knowledge comes because you have learnt to adapt to your situations, whether it be the person that sweeps the street, or the Prime Minister – I would always urge you to do your best in it”.

Davis told those in attendance that giving of one’s best may come with obstacles and challenges.

“I don’t want anyone of us to go away from here thinking that we have one chance … Life is full of many chances … Life is full of many down moments. Believe and know that when it’s your time and your moment to shine, whether be in sport, or in some little way in helping someone along the way, God has put you there for a purpose,” he said.

Continuing his recommendations, Davis advised, “It is better to start and not finish than to not start at all, because once you start, there will be a finish. If you start it, you would be remembered for the person who started it… Your purpose may not be one of being on television, or standing at the podium, but know that your purpose is to touch lives and touch lives in a positive manner”.

A physically challenged individual, Davis used many of his personal experiences to make the illustration that inner beliefs and strengths can overcome adversities.

“We have to realise first and foremost that we are humans … Humans will make mistakes … Humans will continue to do good things… Humans will be humans and that is not going to change, but remember in everything it is about giving thanks … Giving thanks for life, giving thanks for situations God has put you into… Giving thanks for the ones who have nurtured you … Giving thanks for the persons who have stood by you,” Davis articulated.

A former Special Olympian, Davis called on sportsmen and women, to adapt the motto of the Special Olympics, which states: “Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt”.

Reinforcing his call to always strive for excellence, Davis stated, “Tonight, I want to say that to all the nominees, to all our sporting persons: you will not all be winners, but do your best; someone else is looking at you”.

Davis is a tutor at the School For Children with Special Needs, a sign language teacher. He is also a coach in the discipline of bocce. Formerly the athletes’ representative, he is now the sports director on the Board of Directors of Special Olympics SVG.

Davis was among the nominees for Coach of the Year at the 2008 National Sports Awards.

He has also served as a member of the Board of Directors, Special Olympics Caribbean.

Davis has been chosen to be the region’s representative at international forums.