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Vincy Motorsports hosts historic quarter mile drag racing event at ET Joshua

Vincy Motorsports hosts historic quarter mile drag racing event at ET Joshua


An historic sporting event was staged this past weekend at the ET Joshua Airport, when VINCY MOTORSPORTS, along with SPARC, hosted the first ever side-by-side mile drag racing event on the runway.

Since the announcement of the opening of the Argyle International Airport, scores of motorsport enthusiasts were anticipating whether any activity will be allowed on the de-commissioned runway. And finally, about five weeks ago, the nod was given to the VINCY MOTORSPORTS CLUB (VIMOC) to plan and host the first race event on the runway.

The event was one to remember for many of our nation’s race car drivers and fans alike. Working along with the SVG Professional Auto Racing Club (SPARC), the clubs were able to plan, coordinate and successfully host this huge motorsport event. To stage this event professionally, an invitation was sent to the Barbados Association of Dragsters & Drifters (BADD) to bring them and their race timing equipment to assist with the staging and timing of this event.

The event was split into two days of racing, namely the test and tune day on Saturday and the final qualifying and eliminations on Sunday. A record number of participants entered the competition, and at the end of it all, Vincentians were able to witness a grand racing event with lots of high speed thrills. The results were tallied by time brackets, broken down into half second increments. Here are the preliminary results: 12.0 -12.5 Sec: Sherman Joseph (Nissan Pulsar GtiR); 13.0 – 13.5 Sec: Raffique Roberts (Mitsubishi Evo IV); 13.5 – 13.9 Sec: Obed Williams (Nissan Silvia S15); 14.0 – 14.5 Sec: James Daniel (Honda Civic); 14.5-14.9 Sec: Elbert Ambrose (Nissan 350Z); 15.0-15.5 Sec: Jason Toney (Toyota Corolla Wagon); 15.5-15.9 Sec: Troy Halbich (Nissan Skyline); 16.0-16.5 Sec: Camillus Pitt (Mitsubishi Eterno); 16.5-16.9 Sec: Hadley Bourne (Subaru Forrester); 17.0-17.5 Sec: Marrie Paul (Toyota Vitz); 17.5 – 17.9 Sec: Matthew Hamilton (Toyota Corolla); 18.0-18.5 Sec: Brendan Williams (Nissan Sunny)

Motorbike Challenge: Clide Sutherland (Honda CBR 1000RR); Samurai Challenge: Hanif Adams (Suzuki Samurai); Truck Challenge: Austin Bullock (Nissan Navara)

The organizers would like to thank their partners – SVG Cocoa Company, Rock Hard Cement, KFC, Hairoun Beer, Tha Hook Up, Cash Money Investments, Platinum Sounds, Xtreme 104.3FM, OSV Group, SG Defreitas, Greg’s Rentals, Minors Hardware, A3 Automotive, Total Eye Care & Coreas Automotive. A special mention also goes out to Mrs Andrea Best, the RSVG Police & Fire Services, Hon Cecil Mckie, Barbados Association of Dragsters & Drifters, and all who made this event possible.

The trophy presentation will be announced via social media soon. Please like and follow the club pages online for continuous updates and information on future events.