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Scott House retains BSS track and field title

Scott House retains BSS track and field title


Scott House (Red) was again again crowned champion in the Rubis Barrouallie Secondary School’s track and field meet, which culminated last Friday evening at the Victoria Park.

It was the first time that the school had ventured to have its annual meet begining in the afternoon and continuing into the evening.

Scott House tallied 917 points, beating Lewis House (Orange) into second place. Lewis House finished on 821 points, while James House (Green) compiled 782.

Ending in the pack of the pack was Bailey House (Blue), with 326 points.

Jequan Adams of Scott House was the boys’ junior champion with 36 points. He also captured the Victor Ludorum title.

Scott House also dominated the junior girls’ category, as Ulanda Lewis’ 31 points, was ahead of all competitors in that age group.

Taking the boys’ intermediate title was Zlroy Samuel of Bailey House and Zita Vincent of James House – the girls’ intermediate champion.

Scott House paired the two titles in the senior category, as Clibert Nash and Aaliyah Anderson were the boys and girls champions, respectively. Anderson was also the Victrix Ludurom.

Physical Education teacher at the Barrouallie Secondary School Chester Morgan, in reflecting on the shift to the Victoria Park, and staging of the meeting into the evening, remarked to SEARCHLIGHT: “It was the best we have ever had and the event was very competitive”.

Morgan added, “This was so because we got a lot of support from the officials, staff members of the school, athletes and their parents. We had a large crowd and it is our hope that they will follow us the same way at the inter-schools’ championships”.

He said the his school depended a lot on the expertise of the management of the Bethel High School, who was the first institution to host their athletics championships going into the evening.

Morgan also lauded Elroy Edwards of Rubis, whose invaluable contribution assisted greatly in making the event, a “huge success”.

With all things being equal, Morgan revealed that the school will again in 2018 stage its inter-house track and field meet under the lights at the Victoria Park.