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KLF, UCF team up to deliver

KLF, UCF team up to deliver


St Vincent and the Grenadines’ lone NBA player Adonal Foyle and his Kerosene Lamp Foundation (KLF) once again partnered with the University of Central Florida (UCF) to bring 25 student-athletes and staffers on a service mission here last week to run his Athletics and Academics Camps, as well as continue their renovation work for the Bequia community.{{more}}

It was the second year in succession for the student athletes, who ran a two-day camp at Petit Bordel Secondary School.

According to a release, the UCF student-athletes ran stations that involved volleyball, basketball and football, as well as games of tag and relay races, while Adonal Foyle managed an activity station based on his Master’s in Sports Psychology to help increase children’s self-esteem and motivate them to become successful leaders.

In the end, each of the 150 children, between the ages of 3 and 18, took home a T-shirt and new book to help promote literacy.

The group also awarded basketballs to the children with the best attitudes and donated more basketballs to the schools.

In addition, the group cleaned up 23 bags of trash at Richmond Beach in partnership with the Richmond Vale Academy, which was their base during the camp.

While on Bequia, the students also visited after-school programmes and assisted with the weekly youth basketball clinic.

“I wish we could spend more time here. I feel like two days is not enough time to impact someone’s life, but then again, the kids captured my heart in one day,” volleyball player Shelby Foyer said. “I pray these children see their potential and their worth and push themselves further than they think they can make it.”

As part of their joint mandate, the KLF and UCF also stressed the importance of education, reading and performing well in school.

“It was very moving seeing the thirst in the children’s eyes for positive role models, and I tried my best to provide that to them in the time we had together,” American football player Scott Teal said. “Some fellow student-athletes were emotional leaving the school, and I realized how grateful I am for experiences like these,” he added.

Foyle, in his assessment of the stint, said “St Vincent and the Grenadines is my home and I am thrilled to have this wonderful partnership with UCF to continue my work to motivate and shape the future leaders of our country …My dream is to build a centre where we can continue this critical work empowering youth on a year-round basis.”