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TASVG stages successful KIA festival

TASVG stages successful KIA festival


The unavailability of several playing fields originally earmarked to stage the Kids In Athletics (KIA) event forced Team Athletics SVG to stage the event at the South Rivers Playing Field last Saturday.{{more}}

But it was worth the journey, according to technical director of TASVG Chester Morgan.

Satisfied with the outcome, Morgan agreed it was “successful.”

Morgan said, however, that he would like to see the programme spread to more communities, as “it is the basis for other disciplines, as it involves running, jumping and throwing.”

The technical director for athletics believes that once the Kids In Athletics programme gets rooted, it would help alleviate some of the woes encountered in the secondary schools, when physical education is taught as a subject.

On Saturday, the seven teams contesting the event were involved in Formula One, Cross Jumping, Target Throwing Sprint/Hurdles, Shuttle Relay, Forward Squat Jumps, Knee throwing and an Endurance Run.

Each team was required to have two athletes – one male and one female – from the age groups, 7 – 8, and 9 -10 and 11 – 12.

When the points were tallied, N2P team one finished first, with Owia second and third was Friends of Georgetown team one.

The other positions in order were N2P team two, Friends of Georgetown team two, N2P team three, a Mixed Team and New Prospect.

Next on Team Athletics SVG’s calendar is the Team Championships, set for this Saturday, May 8, at the Campden Park Playing Field.

The Team Championships is geared mainly for schools with athletes 13 to 15 years, who were born between 2000 and 2002.

Each athlete must participate in two or three events in the two or three specific categories, i.e. one race and or one jump and or one throw.

In addition, all teams must participate in the relays.(RT)