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Police officers to graduate from Tennis programme

Police officers to graduate from Tennis programme


A graduation ceremony for the police officers who have been involved in a training of trainers Tennis programme, will take place next Tuesday at the Grassroot Tennis Club at Murray’s Road.

The programme, which started last May, saw the officers being instructed in the basic strokes and other fundamentals of the sport. Responsible for their training was head coach of the Grassroot Tennis Club, Trevor Sam.{{more}}

Following next Tuesday’s ceremony, the trained officers will pass on their new knowledge to the various Police Youth Clubs to which they are attached.

An initiative of the Grassroot Tennis Club, it is the hope of the club that in concert with the local constabulary, that the several underused or run down hard courts around the island would regain life, whilst the sport of Tennis also gets new energy.

At Tuesday’s ceremony, apart from the presentation of certificates to the police officers, there will be remarks from Commissioner of Police Michael Charles as well as officials from the Grassroot Tennis Club and other sports personnel.

The ceremony is set to start at 4:30 pm.(RT)