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16 to battle in Guinness Pool Competition finals

16 to battle in Guinness Pool Competition finals


Who will emerge with the title of Guinness Pool King when the Guinness Pool Competition ends this weekend at Azare St Hill’s Bar in Troumaca?{{more}}

After weeks of pool games which began at the Drop off Nightclub in Sans Souci on Saturday, January 24, 16 pool titans have been chosen to take part in the finals of the tournament which will see one lucky man take home EC$5,000 prize money.

The finals of the tournament are scheduled for Saturday, February 28, and Cleve ‘Skip’ McKenzie of the St Vincent Brewery’s Trade Marketing Department and tournament supervisor said that the venue was chosen as it had the largest turnout of the eight venues visited.

McKenzie added that the tournament has been a great success and stressed that one lucky person will walk away with EC$5,000 on Saturday.

He added also that he and his team have taken the decision to allow the second place winners at the various venues into the finals, therefore allowing for a higher quality tournament on game night.

The finalists that qualified as first place winners are Alson Barker (Drop Off), Ozzie St Hillaire (Tree House Bar), Edmund Branch (West Side Bar), Oseah Thompson (Nani Billingy’s Bar), Camilus Pitt (Big City Life), Tex Franklyn (Azare StHill’s Bar), Jeffrey Casino (Police Canteen) and Rodney Caruth (Chill Spot, Bequia).

Qualifying in second place spots are Derrick Hooper (Drop Off), Edgar Bobb (Tree House Bar), David Legair (West Side Bar), Simeon Cambridge (Nani Billingy’s Bar), Dygo Sergeant (Big City Life Bar), Philmon Robertson (Azare St Hill’s Bar), Joel ‘Blackboy’ Pompey (Police Canteen) and Joseph Leonard (Chill Spot, Bequia).

“We are expecting a great finals and looking forward to see who will emerge as the overall winner,” said McKenzie.

The Guinness team will be at the venue from 12 p.m. Saturday, while the tournament kicks off at 6 p.m.