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SVGFF without First Vice-president

SVGFF without  First Vice-president


The executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation, is without a first vice-president. This, after Kenton Ollivierre, the man who held the post for just over one year, tendered his resignation last Tuesday.{{more}}

In a letter addressed to the affiliates of the SVGFF, Ollivierre wrote: “It is with regret that I inform you that I have tendered my resignation as 1st Vice President of the Football Federation with immediate effect.

“Just a year ago, I’ve had the distinguished honour to serve football on the national level. I anticipated at the time, to serve the full remaining tenure of the current executive up to April 2015, however, my personal and family commitments have changed considerably over the past few months requiring me to be out of State for a considerably but unexpectedly long period,” Ollivierre’s letter continued.

Ollivierre said that he attempted to make his contribution from a distance, “however, the situation has meant that my continued absence is now being used in some quarters to create mischief that does not mirror my steadfast commitment to the development of the sport here.”

But Ollivierre ‘s letter to the president and executive of the SVGFF points to some undercurrents.

“My prolong absence from State has understandably brought pressure on your administration to deliver its mandate to govern football locally…it appears that several persons within our organization at varying levels are now using my absence to attack your presidency, and/or to discredit me personally,” Ollivierre directed to current president of the SVGFF Venold Coombs.

Ollivierre was elected to the position in January 2014, when he defeated Osbourne Bowens in a two-way race for the job.

The post of first vice-president became vacant following the resignation of Lloyd Small, November 2013. Small was elected during the September 2011 elections, which ushered in the Coombs led administration.

But while Ollivierre’s status has been regularized and determined, nothing has been forthcoming from the secretariat of the SVGFF about the position of committee member and public relations officer – Earl Bennett.

Like Ollivierre, Bennett is reported to have been in the United States of America for some time.(RT)