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Clinchers Softball Cricket Competition gets high grade

Clinchers Softball Cricket Competition gets high grade


When the fourth edition of the Police Co-operative Credit Union Clinchers Softball Cricket Competition opened last Sunday afternoon at the Richland Park Playing Field, the organizers came in for high note of commendation.{{more}}

Trumpeting the compliments was president of the Police Co-operative Credit Union Junior Simmons.

“…We are so satisfied this year with this tournament that we have decided to increase the sponsorship fees… The people in St Vincent and the Grenadines have invested in our credit union and we, as a grateful credit union, invest in the people,” Simmons sounded.

In illustrating that part of the credit union’s social mandate, Simmons noted: “At the Police Co-operative Credit Union, we believe in the holistic development of our young men and women and the discipline of sport is only one medium which individuals can advance themselves, not just locally, but regionally and internationally.”

The chorus of praise was continued by chair of the interim National Softball Cricket Association Israel Bruce, who too lauded the Clinchers Competition, especially given its relatively short existence.

Bruce commented that softball cricket competition, such as the Clinchers set-up, can be a launch pad for national cricketers, who can then go on to play for the various regional franchises and eventually the West Indies.

Adding other pluses of the sport, Bruce said, “Each contribution that is given to this tournament, is a contribution to help keep our young men and women away from crime and teenaged parenthood…We have heard about Pan against Crime; today we are talking about Cricket against Crime.”

Bruce reiterated the intent of his interim association to roll out a national primary and secondary schools competition, as well as host the national Super League, with an enticing $10,000 for the winner.

The two top teams from the several softball cricket competitions which are held here, would advance to the national competition.

This is another impetus for the teams registered in the Clinchers competition.

Organizers say last Sunday, 17 teams have committed to be part of the 2015 version, with provisions open for a few which had indicated interest, but have not completed the process.

When the march past was called at last Sunday’s opening ceremony, several of the confirmed 17 teams were not present, resulting in them having to pay a fine of $50.

But that was not the case for Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem, which had a full complement of players and deservedly trumped the Best Dressed and Best Banner awards.

CGM Gallagher Novice is the defending champion in the competition.(RT)