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‘Love is the answer’ – Romany proclaims

‘Love is the answer’ – Romany proclaims


Featured Speaker at last Saturday’s Awards Ceremony, staged by Team Athletics SVG — Trinidadian Michael Romany, has cited ‘Love’ as the cornerstone for the development of athletics talents through to stardom.{{more}}

Speaking to his immediate target audience at Frenches House in Kingstown, Romany underpinned the necessity to have one’s heart deeply rooted in his/her individual pursuit.

“Everything that happens for a human being happens in the heart… It is the only part of you that is pure,” Romany proffered.

Addressing persons involved in coaching, Romany noted, “First and foremost you are dealing with human beings; you are dealing with beings created by a creator, by a believer that believes in one thing, love… If you don’t treat them with that, you are not going get out if it anything else.”

Continuing in his delivery, Romany added, “Unless you can touch their heart, you are not going to convince them… They are not going to feel what it is you are trying to tell them, especially when you are barking and growling at them.

“You are imposing a way of life, a value system on something that going to absorb it like a sponge and is going to emulate it …If you understand that you have a passion for sports and a passion for coaching, you need to have a passion for patience; you need to have a communication between you and the athlete…,” the featured speaker told the coaches who were present.

He persisted that no amount of certification of a coach can cut it, if his or her heart is not into it.

Delving into some aspects of sports science, Romany, using many of his exploits in this field, contended that while it is an important tool in sports, being immersed in what is involved and getting the same from one’s charges is the most critical constituent.

“Always ask yourself what would love do … It answers every single question and every single problem you will have in your lifetime, because it will never lie”, Romany concluded.

Romany is a former president of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee and is the current chief executive officer of CANOC Broadcasting Inc, which has the Caribbean broadcasting rights for the 2016 Olympic Games.(RT)