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Brewery to host pool tournament at local bars

Brewery to host pool tournament at local bars


Guinness is a brand that recognizes greatness and skill, and with this in mind, the St Vincent Brewery Limited, the local producer of Guinness, is hosting a pool tournament.{{more}}

The tournament begins this Saturday, January 24, at the Drop Off Night Club in Sans Souci at 2 p.m.

Regional commercial manager at the St Vincent Brewery Limited Shafia London-Williams said the brewery decided to put on a pool tournament, as in the past, they sponsored private persons and realize that pool is a huge trend in the country.

“There are a lot of pool lovers in St Vincent and the Grenadines and there are also a lot of talented players too, but they get no real recognition. Worldwide, pool is fully recognized and winners receive great accolades,” said London-Williams, who added that the tournament will reward and recognize local pool talent.

To gain entry into the tournament, persons will have to go to the various venues during game time and purchase three Guinness beverages. On purchasing the drinks, you are automatically entered in the round of competition and will play three games against an opponent. The overall winner from that particular venue goes on to the finals, which is scheduled for February 28 at a venue to be determined. The winner in the finals gets EC$5,000.

Each preliminary winner gets $500, while a venue will accommodate the first 25 registrants during the on the spot registration process.

London-Williams said that the finals will be held at the venue that had the biggest turnout during the preliminaries.

Preliminary rounds will be held at Nicki’s Bar in Diamond on January 30, Tree House Bar in Arnos Vale on January 31, West Side Bar in Kingstown on February 17, Nani Billingy’s bar in Pembroke on February 7, Big City Life bar in Richland Park on February 13, Aza DaSilva’s bar in Troumaca on February 14, the Police Canteen in Kingstown on February 20 and in Bequia on February 21.