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Junior Ashton wins again in North Leeward road race

Junior Ashton wins again in North Leeward road race


Junior Ashton returned to his most successful route, from Troumaca Bottom to the Beachfront Restaurant in Fitz Hughes, as he took the LOG Enterprises North Leeward 5k last Sunday.{{more}}

It was Ashton’s third straight year of winning the open male category of that edition of Team Athletics’ annual road racing series.

Ashton, running under the X-Cell banner, clocked 20 minutes 55.48 seconds. Second was Caswell Lewis of IT DAT in 21 minutes 16.41 seconds and third – Josnel Ashton of Chatoyer, whose time was 21 minutes 24.11 seconds.

Taking the open female category was Linda Mc Dowall of IT- DAT. Her winning time was 25 minutes 23.23 seconds, ahead of second place Sandrika Hooper and X- Ceed’s Sheva Butcher – third.

In the male Under-19 category, Akani Slater of IT-DAT trumped in 22 minutes 12.14 seconds. Docking in second was Ryan John, also representing IT- DAT, and third was Sherwin Peters of X- Cel.

Kerina Hooper of the Thomas Saunders Secondary copped the female Under-19 in 30 minutes 17.77 seconds. The other competitor in that category was Sorenya Miller of IT- DAT, whose second place time was 33 minutes 02.02 seconds.

Newman Peters confirmed that he is indeed an emerging talent when it comes to road racing, as he stayed unbeaten for 2014 in the Under-15 male of the series of events.

The St Martin’s Secondary School athlete finished the distance in 26 minutes 39.46 seconds.

Derrick Richards of the Petit Bordel Secondary School was second and third was Josiah Ackie of the Questelles Government.

Sarika Hooper of the Troumaca Primary School pouched the female Under-15 category, winning in 33 minutes 37.33 seconds. Turning up second in 35 minutes 23.48 seconds was Odesha John of X- Ceed, with Latesha Pierre of the St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown third in 37 minutes 22.26 seconds.

Maintaining his reign on the veterans’ male category was Caswin Prince, who this time around clocked 24 minutes 48.95 seconds. Second was Leonard Ballantyne and third- Joonyah Garrick.

And, the three top finishers in the female veterans’ segment were Sasha Hooper first in 34 minutes 21. 22 seconds; Samantha Lynch- second and Maguerite Douglas – third.

Fifty six of the 59, who started the race completed the course. (RT)