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Path to premiership clearer in National Football Club Championship

Path to premiership clearer in National Football Club Championship


The pathway to the final round of the Premier Division of the National Football Club Championships, put on by the executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation is clearer.{{more}}

With the preliminary round closing in on conclusion, the top eight to contest for the big $10,000 first place prize have been almost identified.

Emerging from Group A with certainty are Sion Hill, Campdonia-Chelsea and GTM Prospect United.

Sion Hill topped its group with 13 points from their six matches, notching up four wins, one loss and one draw. Prospect finished their six matches on 10 points, gathered from three wins, one draw and two losses.

Campdonia-Chelsea, the only unbeaten team in the championship, has a match in hand, and sits on nine points, gained from two wins and three draws.

Parkside Rollers is the likely team to advance, as they possess 8 points from five matches, having won two, drawn two and recorded a solitary loss.

Parkside Rollers with a match in hand has to lose by seven clear goals to winless Browne and Browne Richmond Hill, to be denied a place in the last eight.

The others in that group are 2013 winners BESCO Pastures and from Group B, Comsports System 3, Avenues, Toni’s Stores and Guardian General Hope International are those through.

System 3 and Avenues still have a match pending, and are on 12 and 10 points respectively. System 3 has four wins and one loss by default, while Avenues has three wins, one draw and two defeats.

Toni’s Stores, having completed their seven matches, finished on 12 points, while Hope International ended with 10 points, the same as Je Belle.

Hope though, edged Je Belle out, having scored more goals – 18 to Je Belle’s 11.

Both also had a goal differential of two goals in the plus column.

Meanwhile, the SVGFF has reinstated Richmond Hill United, following a suspension in which some players of the team were involved in a fracas with match referee Johmal Allen, during a match with Layou at the Campden Park Playing Field, earlier this month.

The incident resulted in Allen being bitten and the match blown off prematurely, with Layou awarded the three points, as they were leading one-nil at the time.

Whilst the SVGFF has not released a statement on the matter, which was investigated by independent persons in the persons of Marlon Stephenson and Bernadine Nanton, the latest fixture shows Richmond Hill to engage Campdonia-Chelsea and Parkside Rollers on Saturday, October 25 and Wednesday, October 29, respectively.

Up to press time, the matter was in the hands of the executive of the SVGFF, to determine the extent of the punitive actions to be taken against the guilty players.