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IT-DAT and Fitz-Hughes Primary double in Road Relay Classic

IT-DAT and Fitz-Hughes Primary double in Road Relay Classic


IT-DAT club and the Fitz-Hughes Primary School were double winners in two of the local categories of the NACAC/OECS Road Relay Classic, which was staged last Sunday afternoon through capital, Kingstown.{{more}}

The four-leg event, with each change over at the intersection of Halifax Street and North River Road, saw IT-DAT being repeat winners again in both the open male and female categories.

The males clocked 28 minutes 48.17 seconds, ahead of the X-Cel, who timed 29 minutes 47.76 seconds, and third was IT-DAT’s number two team. Their time was 30 minutes 19.94 seconds.

But it was IT-DAT’s females, who were making it four in a row at the top of the podium. This time around, the quartet clocked 39 minutes 57.19 seconds.

Trailing them was X- Ceed Sports Club in 45 minutes 20.34 seconds and third X-Cel in 46 minutes 47.22 seconds.

Likewise, the Fitz-Hughes Primary claimed the male and female categories of the primary schools end of the race. The male outfit clocked a winning time of 40 minutes 41.41 seconds. The same institution took second spot as the number two outfit timed 40 minutes 51.36 seconds and third was the Chateaubelair Methodist, as the North Leeward schools copped the top three spots.

Chateaubelair’s time was 42 minutes 10.04 seconds.

Fitz-Hughes’ females clocked 49 minutes 15.20 seconds, to be ahead of the pack.

Second was the Stubbs Primary in 54 minutes 57.29 seconds.

The open category pocketed $600 for the winners, $400 for the second place and $200 for the third place.

The first placed teams in the primary category earned EC$300, with the second places collecting $200 and the third places, $150.

The event, which also had a regional component as well as a secondary schools’ component, saw 39 of the 41 teams which faced the starter’s gun completing it.(RT)