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Community races are lead up to grand finale – TASVG official

Community races are lead up to grand finale – TASVG official


In light of the criticisms levelled in some quarters at Team Athletics SVG’s stance in its road racing series for 2014, general secretary of the local track and field body Tyrone James has informed SEARCHLIGHT of the reason for the structure.{{more}}

“The TASVG series is designed to broaden competition and get communities more involved in track and field… It is hoped that this approach will expand the slate of community “stars,” giving the individual communities a vested interest in the event and, by extension, track and field,” James underscored.

“Two things are immediately apparent here: firstly, every athlete in St Vincent and the Grenadines will have an opportunity to compete and be selected for the Grand Finale within their geographical area. Secondly, if each race is open to every athlete, then there stands a good chance that the Grand Finale may comprise only the top three athletes in the country,” he added.

James, noting that the 2014 TASVG Road Racing calendar comprises 14 events, revealed that some contain monetary rewards for the top finishers.

“Three races are sponsored by LOG Enterprises and a monetary prize is given…. These races are open to anyone within the age categories…. Two other races, the NACAC/OECS Relay Classic and the NACAC 10K are an attempt to bring external competition to our local athletes…. These races are also open to every and any athlete and monetary prizes are given,” he reasoned.

“The remaining nine races are termed the TASVG series, with eight of these nine races community based, in that only athletes within a geographical boundary will receive prizes for competing – the prizes in these instances are medals…. This, however, does not preclude any athlete from running; in fact athletes outside the stated geographical area are encouraged to use the events as training… The first three athletes from each category in each race will then be eligible to compete in the Grand Finale on December 14, where a monetary prize will be given,” the TASVG GS noted.

Continuing his explanation, James, a former national athlete, confirmed: “The different categories also allow for Vincentians to get more involved in physical activities, given the alarming increase in obesity within the country.… This series is considered futuristic and inclusive, as it is laying a foundation for more community involvement in physical activity and sport and allows for the broadening of the competition base.”

Following last Sunday’s NACAC/OECS road relay classic, attention turns to the Southern Grenadines, this Sunday’s Union Island 5k road race.(RT)