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BESCO-Pastures get slammed 5-0… Coach not perturbed

BESCO-Pastures get slammed 5-0… Coach not perturbed


Defending Premier Division champions of the Hairoun Beer National Club Championships BESCO Pastures got a shock opening last Sunday at the Victoria Park, when they were trampled by Campdonia-Chelsea 5-0.{{more}}

A brace by Tevin Slater in the 7th and 73rd minutes, likewise double strikes by Dorian Dallaway in the 50th and 86th minutes and Kimron Charles, the 22nd minute, accounted for the rout.

But coach of BESCO-Pastures Raymond Trimmingham is not too worried by the early loss.

“You can afford to lose a game or two in the preliminary round; if it is in the big eight, then it is a different case,” Trimmingham told SEARCHLIGHT on Sunday night.

Reflecting directly on the loss, Trimmingham opined: “We did not play badly; in fact, we had more shots on goal in the first half… Not to take anything away from Chelsea; they played the better football and deserved to win.”

Trimmingham, however, felt that with all the players at his disposal, the score line would have been different.

“We were forced to field some of our second string players, as some of our key players are down with chikungunya and that was a setback,” the BESCO- Pastures coach explained.

He also noted that preparations coming into the match were not the best, as players were otherwise engaged.

“With the set of leagues that are going on right now, you can hardly get the players to train as yet, because every day someone is involved in a league here or a league there and that hampered our preparations,” Trimmingham complained.

Trimmingham noted that Pastures, which has been around in St Vincent and the Grenadines for the past 42 years, has known how to survive, and such setbacks were all part of the outfit’s longevity.

BESCO-Pastures has an opportunity to redeem themselves when they meet Prospect United on Wednesday at the Sion Hill Playing Field.

While Pastures is coming off a loss, Prospect recorded a 4-0 win over newly promoted Richmond Hill.

Also recording a win in Group A was Sion Hill, who edged out Parkside Rollers 3-2 at the Sion Hill Playing Field on Saturday.(RT)