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SVG Taekwondo Association honours trio

SVG Taekwondo  Association honours trio


Three persons who have contributed towards the growth of taekwondo in St Vincent and the Grenadines over the years were given a moment of recognition and appreciation at a ceremony held Saturday, May 10.{{more}}

Mike Browne, Bruno Mc Lean and Brent Black were acknowledged at a function staged at the Palmyra Restaurant and Bar at Pembroke.

Browne, who was the lone awardee present, was the first president of the association and served from 1990 to 1996.

He lamented the arduous task of getting the association off the ground, but appreciated the help gained from others who ensured that it came to fruition.

Browne praised the late Albert Maloney for helping to lay the groundwork for what the sport has become today.

In accepting his plaque, Browne expressed thanks to the association for showing its appreciation to him, and extolled the virtues he has gained from his involvement in taekwondo.

Another of the recipients, Bruno Mc Lean, who is based in the USA, is a former instructor of the association.

Communicating with SEARCHLIGHT via e-mail, Mc Lean wrote: “Taekwondo had changed my life in a big way, helped me to stay focussed, humble, polite, self-controlled and to help people who are in need…Taekwondo is not just a sport or a fighting art; it is an art that can work through people daily life. It can change the inner and outer appearances of people’s life style… I have gained a lot from studying Taekwondo, Karate, King Fu and Virdo.”

Mc Lean recalled having to use the natural elements to develop the art form.

“We used the beach, the sand for speed, agility, the water for power training, the rocks for developing my steps and my stance and the trees help to work on targets and focus,” Mc Lean reminisced.

He named Mike Browne, Vandyke Tyrell, Elroy Gabriel, Millo Mc Lean, Brent Black, Calvert Ford and students who were under his tutelage for giving him one of the greatest joys in his life.

Black, who was unavoidably absent, to date is the longest serving president of the association, with his tenure spanning from 1996 to 2007.

Meanwhile, current president of the association Vanburn Harry confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT that the idea to recognize of the three men was conceptualized under the former executive led by Glenroy Gaymes.(RT)