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Hooper, Thorpe building on Penn Relays experience

Hooper, Thorpe building on Penn Relays experience


For two athletes from the Thomas Saunders Secondary School (TSSS), having represented their school three of the four years the school has been participating at the prestigious Penn Relays in Pennsylvania, USA, is indeed a special feeling.{{more}}

Sixteen-year-old fourth form student Kerina Hooper has had her self-confidence uplifted on and off the track.

“This year has been a great experience, the visits to the colleges showed me educational possibilities track and field can give us,” Hooper said with a big smile.

The Park Hill resident projected: “I want to make a mark, making sure we carry down a plaque, very proud first plaque for girls,” Hopper emphasized.

She also plans to work very hard in her academics.

Like Hooper, male athlete Rogike Thorpe is 16, and a fourth form student at TSSS, and has been to the relays three times.

Thorpe was one of the first representatives back in 2011, and having not been on the team in 2012, he was able to ensure his selection for 2013 and this year.

He has seen many benefits from participating in the Penn Relays, one of which is the improvement in his time in 2014.

His quest to be on the 2015 team will have him taking training more seriously.

Juggling academics and track are his priorities, as he wants to ensure that his school work does not suffer, but improves.

Thorpe, who aspires to be a medical doctor, was overwhelmed by the visit made to three colleges by the team this year, thanks to James Cordice, the person behind the participation of the team from St Vincent and the Grenadines at the Relays.

He said he was greatly inspired by one of the professors, who told them that “if you believe in yourself, anything can happen.”

“The 120 years celebration was the best year; I enjoyed the experience and I want to make the team next year. I’m going to train with the intention of making the team next year,” Thorpe stressed.

Cordice has been an integral part of Vincentians’ attendance at the track meet. He has for years tried to get schools from the place of his birth to atttend the Penn Relays.(RT)