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Breakaway Masters champ Easter Invitational football competition

Breakaway Masters champ Easter Invitational football competition


Breakaway Masters had the last say in the Computec/Comsports Vincy Masters Easter Invitational football competition, which concluded last Monday night at the Victoria Park.{{more}}

But the title and bragging rights over arch rival Computec/Comsports Vincy Masters had to be decided through kicks from the penalty spot, this after both teams had played to a 1-1 draw.

In the normal course of play, Rohan Keizer scored for Vincy Masters, while Keith Ollivierre handed the equalizer for breakaway.

But Breakaway prevailed 5-4 in the shoot-out from 12 yards, as Christopher Harry was again the villain for Vincy Masters.

It was the third consecutive final in five months, which Vincy Masters have lost via kicks from the penalty spot.

They had to settle for second in the Arnos Vale Football League, outkicked by Richmond Hill from the penalty spot and two weeks later suffered the same fate against Sharpes in the final of the SVG Overs 35’s competition.

Breakaway beat defending champion Calliaqua six-nil en route to the final, while Vincy Masters saw off Sharpes two-nil in the other half of the semi-finals.

Sharpes earned the third place after Calliaqua did not show up for Sunday’s third place play-off.

Randy Pierre and Rohan Keizer shared the most goals award. Both netted five goals in the competition.

The two other teams which participated in the competition were African Tref and Vintage FC.

Breakaway and Vincy Masters are expected to head out to Barbados in early June for their regular visit to an annual masters competition there.(RT)