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NLA sponsors Special Olympian for Caribbean Business Meeting

NLA sponsors Special Olympian for Caribbean Business Meeting


The Special Olympics bandwagon is rolling and picking up speed on its way to the World Games in Los Angeles next year. An important stop along the way will be the Caribbean Business Meeting at the Pegasus Hotel in Jamaica, April 24 to 26.{{more}}

Janice McMaster, Special Olympics National Director, said: “The high profile event is held annually to provide leadership development to National Board Chairs, Key Board Leaders, National Directors, Sports Directors, Athletes and Games and Competition Volunteers. However, this year there is bound to be a focus on the LA Games.”

The delegation will be led by Special Olympics Chair Sir Errol Allen and includes Assistant Superintendent Jonathan Nichols (coordinator of the Law Enforcement Torch Run) and Janice McMaster (National Director of Special Olympics SVG). The chair expressed his thanks to the National Lotteries Authority (NLR) for sponsoring Ornoro John, athlete and assistant coach, to attend the meeting. He said:

“Ornoro’s inclusion in the delegation is symbolic of Special Olympics’ values, which are about empowering athletes and their families to contribute to the development of the Games. We are grateful to the National Lotteries Authority and look forward to their continued support in our drive towards the World Games.”

McMaster concluded by stating:

“Special Olympics SVG is setting up its ‘Take us to the World’ committee to assist in the fund-raising campaign and enable our athletes’ dreams to come true. We expect that between now and next year we will have raised $350,000 to make this dream a reality. We shall return from Jamaica energised and ready to do whatever is necessary to Take Us to the World.”

Persons wishing to support the drive to ‘Take us to the World’ can contact Janice McMaster at Special Olympics today at 784-4584626/[email protected]