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Cyclists record improved times in second 46-miler

Cyclists record improved times in second 46-miler


It was just what the doctor ordered last Sunday afternoon as Cammie Adams and Peter Durrant registered their sixth uninterrupted win in the open and veterans’ categories of the Dasco Pharmacy 46-mile road race.{{more}}

Racing in searing sun, the cyclists rode off from Halifax Street in Kingstown, using the main Windward highway to Georgetown, returning to the finish line at the Sion Hill Intersection.

And, as it was in the previous races, Cammie Adams who dedicated his latest win to his late father, clocked two minutes 12 minutes 39 seconds, as he was first to breast the tape.

Adams said at the end of the race that he was not feeling well in the first part of the race as he was suffering from an upset stomach.

“At one point I felt like I wanted to vomit, but I toughed it out,” Adams told SEARCHLIGHT.

Despite his slight incapacitation, Adams’ time was an improvement on his previous outing over the same distance, when he clocked two hours 15 minutes 10 seconds.

Again, there was much daylight between Adams and the second place finisher Zefal Bailey.

Adams had time to warm down, as well as have a drink – a banana and an apple – before Bailey mounted the hill, registering two hours 18 minutes 30 seconds.

However, Bailey chopped off just under four minutes on his previous time of two hours 22 minutes 24 seconds.

Taking the third spot was Peter Durrant as he was also first in the veterans category. Durrant’s time was in two hours 23 minutes 39 seconds, bettering his two hours 25 minutes 38 minutes, just about a month ago on March 9.

Randy Wilkinson boxed out Deptor Culzac from repeating a fourth place. Wilkinson’s time was two hours 25 minutes 08 seconds and Culzac, two hours 25 minutes 09 seconds.

Lucky Antrobus who clocked two hours 34 minutes 22 seconds finished sixth overall and fifth in the open segment. He however, marginally eclipsed his previous time done last month.

Also improving in both time and position was Curtis Lewis whose two hours 35 minutes 22 seconds, pushed him seventh overall and sixth in the open racers ‘category.

When Lewis did the 46-mile event last month, he timed two hours 49 minutes 47 seconds.

The other three finishers in last Sunday’s race were Orel George, Steve Ollivierre, Martin Bollers and Desmond Cox.

George placed eighth overall and second in the over-40s segment in two hours 35 minutes 29 seconds, followed by Ollivierre in two hours 36 minutes 54 seconds and Bollers in two hours 37 minutes 58 seconds. Ollivierre and Bollers were third and fourth respectively, among the over-40 cyclists.

Likewise, all three did better than their rides in March.

And, Cox was eleventh overall and seventh in the open segment in three hours 9 minutes 04 seconds, finishing two minutes faster than his last race.

Cyclists will return to the road on May 4 in more competitive action, where they will journey from Kingstown to Georgetown to the Arnos Vale Round About, then make a loop at Diamond and return to finish at the Sion Hill Intersection. (RT)