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Ballantyne promises to produce Carifta medallist soon

Ballantyne promises to produce Carifta medallist soon


Pamenos Ballantyne has acknowledged that his competitive days on the Caribbean roads are fast winding down, but believes that he has the expertise to deliver a Carifta medallist under his tutelage within the next three years.{{more}}

Currently attached to the St Martin’s Secondary School, where he has a cadre of athletes under his guidance, Ballantyne is optimistic that one of his charges is destined for at least a medal at the annual Junior Carifta Games.

Ballantyne recalled that some years ago, he tutored Junior Ashton to a bronze medal in the 5,000m in 2005.

Fresh from a high-level distance running course in Mexico, Ballantyne, this country’s premier distance athlete for the past 15 years, projected to SEARCHLIGHT: “I would not be running all the rest of my life …I would like to have athletes to pass on the knowledge to.”

A former student of the St Martin’s Secondary School, Ballantyne said that he has a personal passion for the school, as it has done a lot for him.

“As a student back then, the Christian brothers assisted me a lot, and now is my time to give back to my old school,” Ballantyne confessed.

A believer that St Vincent and the Grenadines should focus on the longer distances and field events, Ballantyne observed: “When you really check it out it is difficult for St Vincent without facilities to win medals in the sprint events…It will be easier for us to capitalise on the longer distances and even the field events.”

Reflecting on his sojourn in the Central American country, Ballantyne said it was worth the while and the experience.

“… I was really satisfied with the course …I got a lot of information…On a daily basis, we had three lecturers and they would give us an oral test and develop a programme which you had to present every morning to start the section,” Ballantyne said.

Ballantyne stated that his involvement in coaching here assisted him in understanding the material presented during the course.

“I love coaching… It is what I want to do and I am going to do my best at it,” Ballantyne concluded. (RT)