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NSC manager ordered action against Bequia Invitational Football League

NSC manager ordered action against Bequia Invitational Football League


Manager of the National Sports Council Cecil Charles has acknowledged that he was the one who asked police to bring a halt to proceedings in the Bequia United Football Club (BUFC) Invitational Football Competition last Wednesday afternoon at the Clive Tannis Playing Field.{{more}}

“…I was the one who called the police and asked them to stop the football”, Charles told SEARCHLIGHT last Friday.

Charles, in chronologising the events which led to the decision, said that he had several conversations by telephone with Kendale Mercury, the head of the BUFC, about the staging the competition.

“I told him clearly that the competition could not be staged, since there was no formal opening of the facility,” Charles reported.

The NSC manager further stated that there is still some work to be carried out on the facility.

Charles said that despite making his position clear to Mercury, the competition proceeded as the BUFC had planned.

“….Prior to the opening on Sunday, the Minister (Cecil Mc Kie) called me about it and I told him about the conversations involving Mr Mercury and myself and I told him that I stand to be guided,” Charles recalled.

Charles said that contact was made with the deputy director of Grenadines Affairs Herman Belmar, who was mandated to liaison with Mercury and reaffirm the NSC’s position.

Charles said that on hearing the results of matches on Tuesday morning last, he again contacted Mc Kie, then proceeded to ask the local constabulary to intervene.

“We are a country of laws and we cannot allow such things to happen,” Charles concluded.

The invitational football competition saw eleven teams registered.

The competition opened on Sunday, October 13.(RT)