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TASVG – Ready for the road

TASVG – Ready for the road


The 2013 road race season runs off this Sunday, with the staging of the NACAC OECS Invitational four-leg road relay classic put on by the Road Racing and Cross Country Commission of Team Athletics SVG.{{more}}

The relay, which consists of four legs, gets going at 3 p.m., beginning at the intersection of Halifax Street and South River Road. From there, runners head up to Sharpe Street, then onto Bay Street, turning at Lower Bay Street, on to Back Street, with the change over at the starting point.

When the inaugural relay was staged in 2012, Grenada emerged winner, with host St Vincent and the Grenadines second and St Lucia, third. However, it is expected that the home team will be formidable opposition this time around. Apart from the international category, competition will be in the primary schools, the secondary schools and open categories for both males and females.

Prizes will be awarded to the top four finishers in the international category, in the order of US$1,000 for the first place, $700 for second, $500 for the third place and $300 for the fourth place. The prizes in the primary school category will see the winner gaining $300, the second place $200 and the third place $150.

The sum of $400 is at stake for the winner in the secondary school category, with $300 allocated for the second place and $200 for the third place.

In the open category, the winner earns $600, the second place $400 and the third place $200.

In 2012, Chatoyers won the open male and IT-DAT, the open female.

Fitz Hughes Primary School copped both the male and female divisions among the primary schools’ participants. The Thomas Saunders Secondary School won the females and Petit Bordel Secondary, the male division.

Following this Sunday’s NACAC/OECS International Invitational Road Relay, the next race on the local calendar is set for Sunday, October 13, when the LOG Enterprise Rabacca to Byera Hill race will take place. Sunday, October 24 will see the LOG Enterprises Sion Hill Sprint.

The NACAC Half Marathon comes off on Sunday, November 24. The road racing calendar closes off on December 2, with the LOG Enterprise North Leeward event. (RT)