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LIME making its mark in Digicel sponsored tournament

LIME making its mark in Digicel sponsored tournament


Telecommunications provider LIME is making its mark in the ongoing Digicel Sponsored Firms’ Soccer Tournament, winning three of its six matches to date.{{more}}

The team’s latest victory came on September 20, when they overcame the lads and lasses of Customs and Excise two nil, at the Grammar School Playing field.

After a goalless first half, with both teams drawing full support from staff members and other supporters, the two goals came during the second half of the game and in similar fashion, when Customs goalkeeper Paul Kirby was caught off his line by an off balanced lob to goal from Shaka King.

This was followed, not too long after, by a more purposeful shot by Garnet McMaster, who chipped the ball over the head of the wayward Kirby, once again found wandering off his line.

The LIME defence thwarted all attempts by Customs and Excise to get back into the game, and squandered a few opportunities to increase their own lead, but were able to hold on to the win. At the end of full time, the telecommunications provider came away with its third victory in five games.

In previous matches, the LIME Squad won over the Ministry of Health by default in its inaugural game on August 18, then defeated the SVG Postal Corporation on August 24, one nil.

The next two matches were registered as losses, going down 5-4 to Media House and one nil to E D Layne and Sons.

On Tuesday this week, the team suffered a three nil loss to ECGC.

The other teams in the group are Combine Stores, Transport and Works and CWSA.

The next game will be on October 1, against CWSA.