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Affiliate takes swipe at SVGFF’s operations

Affiliate takes swipe at SVGFF’s operations


Chair of the organizing committee of the Arnos Vale Football League (AFL) Michael John has lashed out at the operations of the current executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF).{{more}}

John, speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2013 Computec/CompSports Hairoun Beer Arnos Vale Football League last Saturday afternoon, criticized the executive’s National Club Championships and the Grassroots programme.

As he spoke at the Arnos Vale Two Playing Field, John said the current format of the National Club Championships lacks a following.

“…There is no following behind the club championships, so bring them (the clubs/teams) back to the leagues, strengthen the leagues, then move them to the Victoria Park, when they reach to the quarter-finals stage,” John, who unsuccessfully contested the presidency of the SVGFF in 2011, recommended.

The AFL chair also took a swipe at the set-up and execution of the SVGFF’’s grassroots programme.

“…I am very disappointed with the grassroots programme .… I notice that there is no grassroots programme in this entire area and there are a lot of children who want to play football …. I am appealing to the Federation to have a cell between Arnos Vale and Sion Hill, so that the youths of this region can develop their football skills at the grassroots level,” John commented.

Support for the latter part of John’s call came from area representative Cecil Mc Kie, who is also the Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture.

“….The time is right for us to take the opportunity in hand and I am going to work closely with Mr John to establish a youth football academy in this area, where we can engage the young persons — male and female — to ensure that they get that opportunity for a firm foundation, so that they can develop and go on to national representation,” Mc Kie said forcefully.

McKie, who was involved in the set-up of the Arnos Vale Football League almost 30 years ago, stated that there are pockets of coaching taking place in the constituency; however, it is not being done in a coordinated manner.

Mc Kie believes that such emphasis on the youth will encourage the formation of more teams within the community, providing redress for the present situation in which there is minimal participation.

“ …How could you have such an outstanding league? How can you have such outstanding players coming from this community of West St George and you only have two teams participating in the league which is representing this community?” Mc Kie questioned.

At last Saturday’s opening ceremony, no one from the executive of the SVGFF was present.

John told SEARCHLIGHT that an invitation was extended to the SVGFF’s president Venold Coombs to be part of the ceremony. (RT)