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Futsala football to aid in fund-raising ventures

Futsala football to aid in fund-raising ventures


The Layou Hardcourt came alive last Friday as men from different areas in the country displayed their futsala skills in an effort to raise funds for children in the Layou community, under the umbrella of “Negative to Positive”.{{more}}

Futsala is football with 5 players per team and played on a half field.

Seven teams competed for a spot in the finals and a chance to win the cash prize of EC$200.

Avenues United, which consisted of men from the Paul’s Avenue area, emerged triumphant when they won the final game against the Layou Madd Squad, with a score of 3-0.

Negative to Positive is an organization created by 27-year-old Chester Morgan and his friend, Kevin Smith, who seek to help less fortunate children in the community by engaging them in different types of sports and raising funds by hosting various sporting activities.

If the turnout at the event was any indication, Layou residents are supportive of the charity organization, particularly because it helps in bringing persons in the community together.

“It is a good thing. The people them come out and get to enjoy themselves,” Alsene Thomas, one resident said.

Jolan McDowall told SEARCHLIGHT that while Negative to Positive is a worthwhile initiative, he believes that the founders need to get more persons on board.

“It’s a good move. I mean they’re progressing…they just need to continue and see what can happen bigger otherwise,” he said. “It’s to try get the youths off the streets and into something like sports, into a sporting activity and they need help”.

Morgan and Smith are grateful to the persons who continue to help

their cause and thanked SVG Tires Sales and Services for their sponsorship as well as Nick Lynch, who was the score official and Theon Gordon, who filled the role of referee. (BK)