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SVGFF to pay outstanding winnings before start of National Club Championships


The executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) is assuring the public that the long awaited prize-giving ceremony of the 2012 National Football Club Championships, as well as the 2013 Hairoun National Community League Invitational tournament, will take place before the commencement of this year’s club championships.{{more}}

The 2013 edition of the premier club football competition has been advertised to commence this Sunday, September 15.

However, up to press time, the venue and format of the opening ceremony had not been finalised.

Third vice president of the SVGFF Paul Boucher confirmed to SEARCHLGHT last Friday that his organization should be taken at its word, and they will ensure that at least the prize money will be distributed to those who are in line to receive.

He reconfirmed that the SVGFF had secured the prize money for the national inter-community league competition, but it was the club championships remuneration which was causing uncertainty for the prize-giving ceremony.

Boucher said the SVGFF did not want to pay out money for one of its competitions and not the other.

The national club championships ended December 16, 2012, and the National Inter Community League, last May.

Boucher used the occasion to again publicly apologise to the teams/clubs and leagues, which have been affected adversely by the delay.

Much of the hold-up, he said, centered around administrative kinks between the National Lotteries Authority and the executive of the SVGFF.

Reports are that the three-year deal between the two entities had expired, thus the National Lotteries had claimed that it was not responsible for the sponsorship of the 2012 championships.

Indications are that both parties are nearing a binding agreement , which would see the NLA again having title sponsorship for the upcoming championships.

The delay in payment sparked some public discussion, with the SVGFF personnel coming to its own defence and guaranteeing the payments.

One of the clubs which was mainly affected was Avenues, which has dominated the premier division for the past three seasons.

Avenues is set to collect $10,000, but reports are that the club has already received a significant portion of its winnings.

Docking in second place in the premier division was BESCO Pastures, while Richland Park Pride and Joy secured the first division and Sion Hill runner-up.

The prize money due for the first division has not been disclosed.(RT)