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Adams feasts on Cycling Classic on a platter

Adams feasts on Cycling Classic on a platter


Cammie Adams made food and drink of the field last Sunday to easily take the Davy’s Spaghetti Energy in Cycling Classic.{{more}}

Adams completed the 60-mile event, which involved 15 laps of the Ratho Mill to Arnos Vale Roundabout circuit, in 3 hours 32 minutes 09.46 seconds.

Such was his dominance, that second place Zefal Bailey was more than 10 minutes behind, in 3 hours 42 minutes 36.30 seconds.

Completing the top three finishers in the category one of the road bikers was Peter Durrant, who laboured in 3 hours 46 minutes 01.01 seconds.

The other cyclist to finish the gruelling race was Orel George, whose time was 3 hours 57 minutes 30.71 seconds.

In category two, the top cyclist was Curtis Lewis, who completed the 40 mile – 10 lap course in 2 hours 34 minutes 15.11 seconds.

Lewis had time refresh himself, before seeing second place Steve Ollivierre, who crossed the finish line in 2 hours 52 minutes 25.21 seconds.

The other cyclist in category two who had the stamina and will to go all the way was Martin Bollers, whose time was 2 hours 57 minutes 09.93 seconds.

Several others started; however, they found the going tough and aborted their attempts.

The next event is scheduled for Sunday September 8. (RT)