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Cammie Adams cops 48-mile cycling road race

Cammie Adams cops  48-mile cycling road race


There was another twist, last Sunday, in the 2013 calendar of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cycling Union, when Cammie Adams was first to cross the finish line in the KPMG sponsored 48-mile road race.{{more}}

The eight-lap race, which traversed Langley Park to Tourama to the gas station at Mount Young, saw Adams outriding the field in two hours 16 minutes 21 seconds.

Adams, who mounted a new road bike in last Sunday’s race, left Zefal Bailey to watch him, as he raised his hands at the finish line.

Bailey trailed in a time of two hours 16 minutes 23 seconds.

The two distanced themselves early in the piece, as the previous winner, Oneil George, was out of contention with a punctured tyre, although he rejoined the race later.

In what was the most impressive field thus far for the year, Dominic Ollivierre docked in third in two hours 17 minutes 55 seconds, with Shimano Bailey fourth in two hours 18 minutes 3 seconds.

The category of the road bikers was equally competitive.

Doing five laps of the course – 30 miles, the first to take the flag was Steve Ollivierre, who stopped the clock in one hour 24 minutes 37 seconds.

Martin Bollers shaved three minutes off his previous time, as he finished second in one hour 24 minutes 57 seconds.

Curtis Lewis followed Ollivierre and Bollers in one hour 27 minutes.

The other category contested in Sunday’s race was for cyclists with mountain bikes.

Shawn Chandler of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force copped the top spot as he completed the 30-mile distance in one hour 40 minutes 10 seconds.

Chandler distanced the second place finisher David Thomas in one hour 42 minutes 11 seconds.

Sunday’s race was the tenth on the 2013 calendar.(RT)