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Sprint twins bonded by Trini experience

Sprint twins bonded by Trini experience


Local sprint twins Roberto and Reuberth Boyd see their outing last weekend in the Trinidad and Tobago national junior track and field championships as an eye opener, despite their relatively good showing.{{more}}

Both contested in the male under-18, placing first and second in the 100m.

Roberto clocked 10:63 seconds and creamed the field, while Reuberth came second in a time of 10:72 seconds.

In the process, both clocked their personal bests.

Roberto went on to take the bronze medal in the 200m, as he returned a time of 21.88 seconds.

Both came off well in the preliminary and semis. Roberto did 11.83 and 10.83 seconds in the preliminary and semi-finals respectively, while Reuberth did 10.83 seconds in the prelims and 10.85 seconds in the semi-finals.

Roberto clocked 22.11 seconds in heat six of the 200m and 22.88 in the semis, with Reuberth clocking 22.19 and 22.16 seconds respectively in the qualification phases.

For the identical pair it was a good run.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT last Tuesday at the Victoria Park, as they trained with coach Garth De Shong, they admitted that they became more aware of the load they have to put in, if they are to reach further in the sport.

“It opened our eyes to the life of athletics and showed us that there are others out there who are even faster than us”. Roberto stated.

For Reuberth, it was more than an experience, as it was his first time setting foot outside St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“… It was a great experience for me and at least winning a medal it was good for me and the journey has just started”, he noted.

The two also disclosed that they had to contend with some psychological warfare, as their opponents tried to throw them off mentally.

The twins, who continue to work as a pair, copped the two top places in the under-18 100 and 200m at the national club championships last month.

They were also first and second in the under-21 100m at the 2013 inter-secondary schools championships, a feat they repeated, as they had done so in 2012, then at the under-17 age category.

And, on all occasions, it was Roberto who claimed gold and Reuberth, the silver.

The more experienced Roberto heads to St Kitts this weekend as part of the St Vincent and the Grenadines team to the OECS Invitational. (RT)