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National Track and Field Club Championships results reversed

National Track and Field Club Championships results reversed


The results of the National Track and Field Club Championships have been reversed, with IT-DAT being declared the new winner, a decision which vindicated Michael Ollivierre, head coach of IT-DAT.{{more}}

Following the championships, which took place at the Arnos Vale One Playing Field on Saturday, May 11, the initial overall points tally showed X-Cel topping the standings with 924 points, ahead of 909.5 scored by IT-DAT.

X-Ceed Sports Club had docked in third with 582 points, with Great Head compiling 198.5 and High Class, 48 points, in the fifth spot.

But Ollivierre was adamant that the scores were incorrect and pointed to the inconsistencies in the clubs represented by different athletes.

He, therefore, lodged a protest with Team Athletics SVG.

Ollivierre was also livid and pointed to collusion between the coaches of rival clubs, aimed at derailing his club. Ollivierre stated then, that he was not going to accept the results until there was a review.

Team Athletics SVG last Sunday declared IT-DAT the winner, with 873 points; X-Cel, second with 840 points, X-Ceed Sports Club on 666 points; Great Head – 206.5 points; High Class – 56; Grenada – 49; Lightening – 10; and Trinidad and Tobago – 5 points.

On learning of the points review, Ollivierre told SEARCHLIGHT last Sunday “Justice has been done… the truth has come out and I can live with that”.

The revised results also showed IT-DAT claiming the male division, amassing 416 points, ahead of X- Ceed Sports Club with 343 and X-Cel, 319.

In the female division, X-Cel finished on top with 521 points, second was IT-DAT, 457 points and third X-Ceed, 323 points.

It is expected that some minor adjustments will be made to the individual awards.(RT)